Equipment to Launch Your Bubble Waffle Business

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffles are a fun, engaging, and beautiful way to add a food menu to your coffee shop. You can easily customize them with endless savory and sweet fillings, creating a visual sensory delight for your customers. Getting started with these waffles is easy and inexpensive, I managed to launch a line of waffles in a food trailer with minimal equipment. Here are the products I use and love for creating these unique treats!

ALDKitchen has great little machines for waffles. I have 2 of these on my trailer so I can keep up with multiple orders at a time. ALDKitchen will provide replacement parts and video tutorials if you have any issues with your machines.

There are many ways to display and package your waffles, my preferred method is with the round french fry container. I add a 2" round sticker from Uprinting with my logo to the front, and it makes an attractive way to present your waffles. You can also use froyo cups, 12 oz coffee cups, clear plastic cups, and cones. I use the 5.5oz fry containers from Webstaurant

Grab a few of these french fry cone stands to hold your waffles in shape after they come out of the iron. This allows them to cool and harden in the cone position and not flop when you place it in your container.

If you plan to use ice cream as a filling, this scoop is great. I use two big scoops per puffle, and rinse the scoop between uses and store in a pitcher of sanitizer.

I don't limit myself to ice cream fillings, I love to mix it up with things like whipped chocolate mousse, tiramisu cream, banana pudding and more. These reusable pastry bags are great for prepping the fillings to pip into the waffles. They store well and make for easy cleanup at the end of the day.

Another way I like to fill my bubble waffles is with flavored whipped cream. So much better than the canned stuff, pour in a quart of heavy whipping cream and the syrup of your choice. Grab a cream whipper here.

If you find you need to pre-make waffles and "hot hold" for high volume or catering, I use a large dehydrator to store the waffles flat with a small tray of water at the bottom to keep them pliable. You are able to store roughly 40-50 waffles for up to an hour with this method, so you can get started on waffle production prior to the event or rush time and keep up with demand by eliminating the 5 minute cook time on the waffles.

You do not need to purchase all of these items to get started, only the waffle iron. You can get started with cups you already have, use canned whipped cream and equipment you have on hand to create the fillings. If you have any questions on logistics, storage, prep and presentation please feel free to email me at and I'd love to help you out!

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